Month: August 2010

Memory Lane – St Valentines Day Jazz Festival 1990

Check out the latest video in the Video Gallery. Chris Hopman took video of his band “The Sri Lankan Connection” at the St Valentines Day Jazz Festival in 1990 at the ANU, including some familiar faces – if you can recognise them! (Hint: Think early Black Mountain Jazz Band and friends).

Blasts from the Past!

Two blasts from the past from Chris Hopman. This first track was Recorded by Chris Hopman at Wagga Jazz Festival Sept 13 1997 at Romanos Cafe (At Midnight), featuring Laraine Graham on Vocals. Musicians: Graham Steele (Trpt) Mike Hallam (Trpt); Paul Furniss (AltSx); Pierre Kamacher (BarSx); Donald Stewart (trb); Danny Sowter (Guitar); Dave Ward (P); Kevin McArthur (Dr); Chris Hopman (Dbbs)


This second track from the same set  is called “Old Fashion Love”


I have a lot more to upload yet – so watch this space 🙂

Bicentennial Hall – Home of Trad Jazz

I noticed this article on “Bicentennial Hall – Home of Trad Jazz” which I thought may be of interest 🙂

What if my Video “Stalls” while playing?

A couple of things you can do:

  1. Click the Pause button (||) for a while. This pauses your playing while the download “catches up”. Go and make a cup of tea, then come back. It should be downloaded by then – click the Play button again, and it should play without stalling.
  2. Select a “lower resolution”. You will see at the bottom right of the playing screen, a small “drop down box” with a number next to it… something like 720 perhaps. If you click the little arrow, you will see a list of different resolution numbers. The lower the number, the quicker it will download, and thus reduce the “stalling”, but the lower the quality of the image.
    The higher the number, the better the quality, but the longer it will take to download – and you may  need to use trick (1) above.
  3. If you are still having trouble downloading files, you may want to check your download speed at If your download speed is less than you are “paying for”, contact your Internet Service Provider and complain.
    Make sure if you have an ADSL service, that you have “Line Filters” on any phones or faxes you have connected. Your computer connection is the ONLY one that should NOT have a Line Filter installed.

Merimbula Jazz Festival Video (1 of 2)

Check out the Gallery for two videos I took at the Merimbula Jazz Festival. Just a small slice of a few sessions to give you an idea of what went on. Oh, and spot some familiar faces – Enjoy 🙂