It’s been 3 years since Jazz Alley last played at ‘Jazz at Jamison’ and we are thrilled to welcome them back! Jazz Alley is an amalgamation of five of the best traditional jazz players on the South Coast to deliver the toe-tapping and driving sound that was the music from the early years of jazz when the streets of New Orleans were jumping with the sounds of hot jazz.

Band leader and banjo player Bev Long will be joined by Bob Porter on clarinet & saxophone, Peter Poole on trombone & trumpet, John Roach on drums and Stewart Long on tea chest bass.

Jazz Alley guarantees their audience a great afternoon’s entertainment as you listen and tap along to many of the popular tunes from the early 1900s, an era influenced by such greats as Bix Beiderbecke, Louis Armstrong and Kid Ory to name a few. 

Another exciting ‘Jazz at Jamison’ session not to be missed!