Dear CJC members

We know that many members are going to be hugely disappointed but, regretfully, we have to inform you that Covid has struck again and we have been forced to cancel Sunday’s ‘Jazz at Jamison’. The band leader and another band member have been declared high-risk contacts and are isolating, forcing the band to withdraw from our Sunday gig. 

Given the short notice we are unable to find a replacement band and postponing wasn’t an option. Given, too, that because of the large number of active Covid cases in our community at present, many of our members had already decided to skip our January gig anyway, your Committee has decided that a cautious approach is necessary at this time and that it would be wise to cancel the January gig. Heaven forbid that our Jamison gathering becomes a Covid super spreader event!

We hope everyone stays safe and well and we see a huge crowd back at Jamison on 13 February for the fabulous Geoff Power and his orchestra.

Yours in jazz

Linda Wiese

for CJC Committee