Other Radio Jazz

A selection of Other local Jazz Radio and Programming.

Our own stars of the Airwaves!
John Girdlestone and Andrew Gleeson 
JAZZ ODYSSEY on Radio 1RPH (radio for the print handicapped and anyone else) on AM 1125 at 11:30am every Tuesday and repeated at 7:30pm on Saturday.

Check out community radio station 2XX 98.3 FM

Radio Jazz

ABC Class FM 95.7

Jazz track with Mal Stanley Sat and Sun 5-7pm

Then turn to FM 99.3 at 7pm for Frank Presley‟s “Now‟s the time” (www.jazzandbeyond.com.au), keep listening at 9pm for Tom Parker‟s New York “Nice and Easy”

2MBS-FM 102.5

Jazz each weeknight from 7pm to 8pm and from 1pm to 2pm on Wed, Sat and Sun afternoons.