Moochers Gig Sun 9 Aug

Details HERE for the Moochers Inc Gig on Sunday 9th August at 1pm at the Harmonie German Club

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Havana International Jazz Festival Article

Havana International Jazz Festival article

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New Photos and Video

Video and Pics are now posted for the recent Great Jazz Safari and Jamison Gigs.

Video page

Pictures page

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Latest CJC Newsletter


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The Swing Merchants – 25 June

Dear CJC members

Due to delays with the latest newsletter, I’m sending along the flyer for a swing jazz concert at the Southern Cross Club, Woden on Thu 25 June. It’s show only at $27 and an 8.00pm start.

This is an opportunity to support some young jazz musicians who have come together from various musical backgrounds to form a traditional band they hope will have wide appeal. They have been getting a few gigs around Melbourne and seem well-received. They tell me they have heard that the Canberra jazz community is very embracing and they are thrilled to be given this opportunity to play here in front of a large audience (well we hope it’s a large audience!).

The great news is that the Southern Cross Club is prepared to accept phone bookings for this concert if we don’t want to book in person or use Ticketek. You can phone on 6283 7200, 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday. For those who don’t like to sit on their own, we will have a jazz table so ask to sit there when booking.


Yours in jazz

Linda Wiese

CJC Secretary

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In-Full-Swing Event 27 June

Dear CJC members

Our friends from the big band “In Full Swing” have passed along notice of a special concert at the Hellenic Club on Sat 27 June.

For your information.

CJC Committee


In Full Swing is proud to be collaborating with the Canberra Gay and Lesbian Qwire to present a jam-packed night of jazz at the Hellenic Club, Woden on 27th of June.

The concert will feature both the Qwire and In Full Swing in a not-to-be missed performance of mammoth proportions!

Not only will you hear the amazing sounds of In Full Swing – a 20 piece big band, you’ll also hear the great power of the Qwire – around 80 proud singers filling the stage and your hearts!

This concert promotes “Connections” by combining the musical talents of two of Canberra’s longest running community musical organisations.

We look forward to performing together to an audience of 400-500 people.

Dinner+Show and Show Only tickets are available through the Hellenic Club at:

Dinner +Show: 6:30pm – $70
Show Only: 8:00pm – $40

27th June, 2015
Hellenic Club, Woden

More details can be found at:

Please share our facebook event:

Jess Stewart
In Full Swing
0421 874 033

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Yazzbar Times Update!

Please note we have changed the time for the tastings to 8.00 pm, not
7.00 pm, to make it easier for some to get to them.

Whiskey’s of the World tasting on Friday 12 June (8.00 pm) is definitely on – 5 places left.

Jodie Herbert is back this Saturday night – I forgot Angela is going to the Merimbula festival – she played at Yazzfest and at the bar earlier last year.

Revised Yazzzbar Times HERE.

Camilla won the typo comp


Harvey Walsh

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A chuckle

A ukulele player and his wife were woken at 3 o’clock in the morning by loud knocking on the door.
The ukulele player got up, went to the door and found a banjo player standing in the pouring rain.
“I need a push”, said the banjo player.
“Not a chance”, said the ukulele player, “it’s 3 o’clock in the morning”, slammed the door and went back to bed.
Banjo Player“Who was that?” asked his wife.
“Just some banjo player bloke asking for a push”, he answered.
“Did you help him?”, she asked.
“No, I did not, it’s 3 o’clock in the morning and it’s pouring rain outside” he said.
“Well, …. you have a short memory”, said the wife, “don’t you remember, about three months ago when we broke down, and those two nice young men helped us?. I think you should help him and you should be ashamed of yourself”.
The ukulele player does as he’s told, gets dressed, and goes out into the pouring rain.
He called out into the dark night, “Hello, are you still there?”.
“Yes” comes back the answer.
“Do you still need a push?”, called the ukulele player.
“Yes please”, came the reply from the dark.
“Where are you?”, asked the ukulele player.
The banjo player replied, “Over here on the swing”.

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Geoff Bull and the Olympia Jazz Band video

Check out the latest Video of Geoff Bull and the Olympia Jazz Band at the Canberra Southern Cross Club for the Jazz in January series.20150108_223809

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CJC Newsletter Apr-May

Here is a link to the Apr-May CJC Newsletter

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