The very late newsletter is attached – you would have to wonder why it’s late given the size of it!! Events conspired against me these past couple of weeks but it’s done now. 

The main points to note, firstly, is that membership renewals are now overdue. Your last opportunity to renew with cash will be at Jamison on 13 November. Online renewals are quite straightforward. Remember that we prefer that you fill out the information form on the CJC website first – this is where you find the CJC bank account details – this way, when your payment hits our account, we know who is renewing.

We hope you are intending to renew but we also understand that life interests change and health issues may also intervene. If you are not renewing, can I ask that you let either myself or Evelyn know so that we don’t bother you again.

Second point to note is that bookings are now open for the CJC members’ Christmas Party. An amazing 78 members took the opportunity to book and pay at Jamison last week! There will still be time to book and pay at Jamison on 13 November before bookings close on 29 November. If you aren’t going to be at Jamison, please book and pay online using the process mentioned above. Please make sure that we know of any dietary requirements.

Yours in jazz

Linda Wiese

Secretary/newsletter Editor

CJC Newsletter – Oct – Nov